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Q Build Day

Been so busy with the shop haven't had time to talk about my trip back to Q... While it's no surprise to any of our clients, I've been impressed by the qualiy of Q's product since I first purchased my Sugar Weasel.  That lead to a Fix in 6.5, a Mini Fix in 300 Blackout and then ulimately us becoming a direct dealer. While I wasn't able to make it back to their first headquarters I figured it was best to get out there as time allowed to checkout their second building before I was too late for that one.  Got an invite and carved out a few days over Haloween to fly back. First thing I'll note is what a pain in the ass it is to get to Dover from Salt Lake City, or at least the way I did it... Direct flight to Boston seemed simple enough t...  Read More

1911 Syndicate - Piece of Mind

Proud to announce our sponsorship of 1911 Syndicate.  Love to support the local boys where possible andthis is perfectly in line with our goal.  Strong overlap in the guns and silencers that we all love and run.  Add to the fact that Jake's in Utah and Chris is in Arizona (still pretty damn close to Utah) and it was a natural fit.  Exciting things in the works and looking forward to the future!  Do us a favor and go subscribe to their channel on YouTube here On another note, their new holiday release from The Whiskey Blendery is fuckin proper! If you had a chance to grab a bottle let us know what you think! Can also our first sponsored video below...    Read More

HUXWRX FLOW 556k - Alabama Arsenal - Piece of Mind

Our favorite 556 can hands down!  We've been running them on everything from machine guns, semi auto rifles, pistols and even bolt action builds.  You cannot put a price on the value, or overstate the importance, of a quality flow through design when choosing a silencer in this day and age.  Not only can we save our ears, we can now save our health... Don't take our word for it, watch the Alabama Arsenal review below and see why we love them so much!  Black and FDE Flow 556k's in stock - SHOP NOW The following experpt from PEW Science sums things up nicely as well... PEW Science Subjective Opinion: The HUXWRX FLOW 556k is a relatively compact 5.56mm machine gun rated rifle silencer that exhibits class-leading back pressure r...  Read More

New Merch...

New Merch coming soon... Here's a preview!  Read More